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Emphasis is placed on assessments and negotiations, including consultations and preventive aspects of the business dynamics, before and during the lifecycle of the aeronautical business without renouncing to llitigate to protect your interests.

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Assets Management

Aetheris gives advise in the management of your assets: aircraft, fleet, real estate, IPRs and licenses. We start working before the acquitions of the asset with the initial evaluation of the transaction until the moment you decide to leave it out.

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Aeronautical Business Consultancy

Aetheris provides business consulting services which covers the most relevant aspects of the aeronautial industry focusing in the singularities of this environement: strategy, management, marketing, supply chain and corporate responsibility.

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Operating Permits

Depending on your sector, Aetheris will inform you what types of permits your project needs and will assist you in the procedure to obtain them to start, develop and expand your business.

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Aetheris is member of:
Asociación Española de Derecho Aerornáutico
European Air Law Association
Eurpean Centre for Space Laws
Spanish Business Aviation Association
Worldwide Airports Lawyers Association
Climax aviation