Aetheris is a firm specialising in the aeronautics industry, with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, providing experience and knowledge to the aviation sector and to airports, covering the air side and the land side of your business.
Aetheris Aviation Consulting


This know-how was developed through the experience coming from the professional practices in the aeronautic world and academic field, both within the consultation and legal scopes. Flexibility, confidence and specialisation endow the services provided by Aetheris a high degree of quality reflected in the elevated satisfaction in the fulfillment of the various requirements created by the business dynamics. The fact of not depending, either hierarchically or economically, on any other body, company or organisation, confer us a high degree of independence that is reflected in the exclusive and total priority given to the client.


The Founder

Jose Ramirez

Dr. José Ramírez, lawyer with more than 25 years of experience in several Spanish and European jurisdictions, mainly focused in the aeronautical industry. As a consultant, he is also widely experienced in the aeronautical business consultancy world, advising to companies in management, strategy performance, compliance and marketing. He has pioneered the social scientific investigations in marketing airports in Europe with his doctoral thesis Marketing innovations in regional airports. A case study (

His professional contacts with differents consultants, CEOs of aeronautical companies worldwide and european airports directors gives an effective view to design, develope and implement strategies in order to increase incomes and retain customers, both airlines, airports and travellers promoting the best business relations.

He also holds a Master in Aeronautical Management from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from ESADE Business School.

Dr. Ramírez is always seeking for the long term relations with the stakeholders, creating sustainable value for companies.



The Team

In the legal area, Aetheris provides the quality afforded by professionals with long experience and solid foundations in the main legal areas of the aeronautical business.

In the technical area, the team of experienced aeronautical engineers and pilots with current licences, provide the necessary support to cover the various aviation needs. In the management area, top qualified professionals are involved in this project offering their cutting edge business knowledge and academic excellence.

This training and experience is complemented with the active participation in several international associations of the aviation and airport world, strengthening the knowledge of and contact with aeronautical reality.

This is Aetheris.

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Aetheris is member of:
Asociación Española de Derecho Aerornáutico
European Air Law Association
Eurpean Centre for Space Laws
Spanish Business Aviation Association
Worldwide Airports Lawyers Association
Climax aviation