Aetheris provides business consulting services covering the most relevant aspects of this industry: strategy, management, marketing, supply chain and corporate responsibility. The design and implementation of the provided actions facilitate the desired lace with your mission.
Business Performance

Business Performance

Feasibility study
Project and analysis of potential projects to promote and to develop the business lines of the Company.

Business plan
How, where and when you want to go Aetheris has investment, technical and maintenance expertise to design an exhaustive business plan based on the mission and vission of the Company.

We assist you to cross the border from product centric actions to customer centric solutions. The rigorous investigations of the market offers relevant information which facilitates the discovering of solutions for your potential new customers and formulas to retain your actual customers.


Business On The Go

Business On The Go

Claim management
Aetheris can propose a variety of alternatives measures and formulas to avoid unjustified compensations caused by anomalies of third parties.

Agency, franchising and distribution contracts
If your Company needs quicks and efficients formulas to expand business out of your natural catchment area or temporary support to carry out short-duration projects Aetheris will support your plans designing ad hoc tools.


Safety services in collaboration with Climax Aviation

Safety services in collaboration with Climax Aviation

  • Safety Management Services (SMS)

  • Implementation and promotion of safety strategies

  • Peer Support Programme

  • Flight Data Monitoring (FDM)

  • Emergency Response Planning

  • Expert reports in dispute resolutions

  • Compliance

Other Services



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Asset Management

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Operating Permits

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Aetheris is member of:
Asociación Española de Derecho Aerornáutico
European Air Law Association
Eurpean Centre for Space Laws
Spanish Business Aviation Association
Worldwide Airports Lawyers Association
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