In the legal field, emphasis is placed on assessments and negotiations, including consultations and preventive aspects of the business dynamics, before and during the lifecycle of the aeronautical Company without renouncing to llitigate to protect your interests.
Aeronautical Mercantile Law

Aeronautical Law

Aetheris gives advice in every legal aspect of the aeronautical industry:

  • Dispute resolution: Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation & Interim measures
  • Proceedings and Appeals before AESA, EASA and the General Court of the European Union
  • Court Experts Reports by Professional Associations
  • Sale & purchase (new aircraft, pre-owned aircraft) LoI, financing and leasing agreements (in, out, dry, wet)
  • Other agreements: management, charter, hangar lease, escrow, maintenance, CAMOs, fractional ownership
  • Operation and use of aerodromes, hydrodromes, vertiports and airports
  • International corporate structures for the ownership and operations of business aircraft
  • Registration/deregistration of aircraft in the relevant registries
  • Drones: aircraft, piloting, RPAS, SORA
  • Passengers’ rights
  • Liability in case of accident and incident
  • Mortgages, customs, tax status of aircraft, taxes applied to airport and airspace usage ,VAT rulings
  • Data protection, privacy and confindetiality
  • Company constitution and corporates structures
  • Insolvency and banckruptcy
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Tender procedures
  • Corporate governance
  • Due diligence & compliance
  • Fiscal representation of foreign insurance companies
  • Civil and criminal liability

Commercial law

Aetheris give advice and support in the daily basis legal needs of your business:  

  • Civil and Merchant law
  • Labour law
  • Criminal law
  • Administrative law

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Aetheris is member of:
Asociación Española de Derecho Aerornáutico
European Air Law Association
Eurpean Centre for Space Laws
Spanish Business Aviation Association
Worldwide Airports Lawyers Association
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