Depending on your sector and activity, Aetheris will inform you what types of aeronautical permits your projects need and will assist you in the procedure to obtain them to start, develop and expand your business.

We will assist you in the procedure to obtain the following ones:

  • AOC (Air Operator Certificate) within the European Union
  • OL (Operating License) A & B: new applications and extensions
  • CAT (Commercial Air Transport)
  • SPO (Special Operations)
  • CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organization)
  • ATO (Approved Training Organization) EASA zone
  • NCC (Non Commercial Complex Operations)
  • TCO (Third Country Operator): non UE operator intending to permform CAT
  • MEL (Minimum Equipment List)
  • OM (Operations Manual)
  • IS-BAO (based don SARPs)

Regarding Drones:

  • Type 1 operations
  • Type 2 operations
  • Type 3 operations

Furthermore, Aetheris will assist you in the rest of administrative authorizations and concessions legally needed (e.g. municipality requirements).

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